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Dale Richardson (center) Echo 2/1 1st Plt Radioman. 
Jan 6th - June 21st 1969. 
Operation Pipestone Canyon I & II.
Vietnamese Boy 1969
Echo 2/1 Vietnam
Viillage in Between Marble   Mtn - Echo 2/1 Squad on                   Patrol
Wendy the one armed     girl at Tucula Bridge
Vietnam 1969
Echo 2/1 Vietnam
Echo 2/1 Vietnam
Vietnam 1969
Nathanial Hanes - Up North
   Ross Writing Home & Unknown Marine Playing                Guitar 
Sileitz & Dave - Echo 2/1
Steve Krupa on Watch       at Tucua Bridge
Stromire - LaBlank - Brown
This little guy had full run        of 2/1s rear area.
Tucau Bridge 1969
Echo 2/1 Unknown Marine
Louis Collins
Dave Stromire Vietnam 68-69
Steve Krupa  Charlie Franchot  John Wilkinson  Joe Abbed