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Unknown Marines 1969
Unknown Marines 1969
Echo 2/1 Marines 1969
Echo 2/1 Vietnam 1969
Vietnam 1969
2/1s Rear Vietnam 70
Vietnam 1969
  Dave Stromire received         1970 Chevelle from the           Veterans Administration 
  for loss of use of his foot.
Dave Stromire minutes       before stepping on            booby trap 1969.
Sal Bando Talking with John,       Lyoid & Dave Stromire durring Dave's year long stay    at Oak Knoll Navy Hospital.
Doc. Bo., Tommy Morales,     Jesse Brown , Steve Krupa, & Lt. Starr Carrying Dave Stromire To Chopper
Doc Bobele waiting   for chopper to pick     up Dave Stromire               1969
 Doc Bo, Lt Starr & Marines       waiting to load Dave Stromire on Medivac 1969.
Doc Jenkins on Ga Noi Island "Operation Pipe          Stone Canyon"
  Ga Noi Island - Dodge City Area "Artilery Prep     For River Crossing" 
Broke Down in the Sand      a Common Ordeal
1970 Patrol in Tucua Area
Louis Collins
Echo 1969
Arvin Soldier 1969
Dave Stromire Vietnam 68-69
Steve Krupa  Charlie Franchot  John Wilkinson  Joe Abbed