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Charlie Franchot 68-69
Charlie Franchot 1969
    Hospitalized after               boobytrap.
   Bob Hughes- Kevin       LeBlank & Unknown                  1969
Names Unknown1969
Unknown Marine with Charlie Franchot 1969
Dave on Right 1969
  Dave "Get Me Out of 
         Here!" 1969
1969 - 1970
  Hooches 1969 Marine Unknown 
Outdoor Movie was filled 
with "Sniper Bullet Holes" 
Berm at 2/1 1969 -1970
Vietnam 1969 - 1970
From Dave Stromire
Special Thanks to Steve Krupa, Charlie Franchot, John Wilkinson and Joe Abbed.  Steve and I came up with an Idea to post Echo pictures on Webshots. And Vin asked if he could add them to the 2/1 web site. So I would like to acknowlege Steve, Charlie, John, Joe and Vin for their efforts on this page. And, all other Echo Marines and Corspman who would send in thier Stories and Pictures. I am fully appreciative of this ECHO 2/1 page.                        

                                                                                             Semper Fi, Dave Stromire
Steve Krupa  Charlie Franchot  John Wilkinson  Joe Abbed
I was with Echo 2/1 68/69. I have for Many years, wanted to build a web site. For the purpose of just posting My Nam Pictures, and Pictures sent to me by my buddies that I have just recently hooked up with.  I could never really learn how to build a site. I am one of them Marines. Who is Lost without his Crayons. Thanks To Vin, Our Web Master. Who on a bet. learned how to do all this professional Web Site Pages for 2/1. I am now fortunate to finally get these pictures up, for all our 2/1 brothers to share. If it wasn't For all you guys who have sent me your photos, and Vin offering his time, to put up this page. My dreams would not have been realized.  I owe you all My deepest thanks.  These pictures were taken with Echo. In the years 68 and 69.  Check them out and, I hope you all enjoy them.

       Semper Fi  David                 Stromire 68/69
Dave Stromire Vietnam 68-69
Louis Collins
Echo 1969
Echo 1969
Louis Collins - Echo Co  1969
Dave Stromire & Louis Collins 
Emilio A. De La Garza - Echo Co  Medal of Honor Posthumously
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