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Getting a Ride
Guard Tower
Heading Out to 3/1s Area Just before Operation Pipe Stone
Jessee Brows Picture of Bob   Hope's Show - Freedom Mtn
Kevin LaBlank and Chip           without shirt.
  Leperville - VC had booby trap school here.
 Liberty Bridge
 Little Hooch Just South          of French Fort
  Loi Kim San School House near Marble Mtn
 Marble Mountain
 Marble Mountain in Distance
 Montenagro at POW Camp
 Montenagro - Tommy -      Jessee - Dave
Unknown Marine
(L) Dale Richardson 1969 Radioman 1st Plt
Operation Pipestone Canyon.
Tower 3 or 4 in Background
Just Outside1st Med
Tucau Bridge 1969
Dave Stromire Vietnam 68-69
Steve Krupa  Charlie Franchot  John Wilkinson  Joe Abbed