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Dave Stromire Echo 2/1 '68-'69
To My Brothers in Arms, from David Stromire, Echo Co. 68/69.  It was a great Honor, that fate hooked me up with the Professionals of 2/1. I joined 2/1 in 68 while we were still up north. My first real action was inside the DMZ.  Then shortly after, we moved down south of Danang.  Where we mostly ran squad size patrols.  I read in the 1st Marine Division article once, that area was the most heavily booby trapped in all of Vietnam.  "It proved to be just that".  I had tripped several duds,  all out by Leper Ville in an area we called the Riviera.  After nearly a year with 2/1, I  was wounded by tripping a boobytrap. This was on the 1st day of Operation PipeStone Canyon which was on May 25th, 1969.
Like most of you. I lost all contact with 2/1 after Nam.  For so many years, I felt alone. Something was always missing. Whenever I thought on Vietnam. I would get depressed. I could not figure out what was causing this horrible nightmare. I thought It was only me. Since the day I bought a computer in 1999, and found the 2/1 web site. I have hooked up with the very 'Doc' who medivacted me home. I have hooked up with at least six or seven of my squad members. And I have been welcomed home and accepted. Not just by Echo, but all of 2/1 brothers and sisters. Who are now like family.
Having a chance to share my story's and my pictures with 2/1. Has been more helpful. Then all the VA's self help, alcohol drug and even two, three month inpatient PTSD programs.  Thank you for letting me share my story's. Please take in mind. These story's are as I remember them.  We all know, that two people can see the same car accident. But each one will remember it totally different from the other one.  When I am not sure about something, then I won't write it. Or I will get conformation from those involved.  I am open to all criticisms and corrections. I want to keep all my story's true. So please feel free to write me anytime. I do not claim to be a writer, but have found writing has been very helpful in coming to peace with my time at war.  Reading all the stories about  Vietnam has brought back so many memories.  And I found, although writing is not my best quality, that just two stories alone I have wrote, have been very helpful to others.  I have already received a few emails, thanking me for my stories.   I'm just so glad to be a part of 2/1 again, "I really feel I have come Home".