A commemorative stone was placed at Arlington Cemetery to honor our Brother, Gunnery Sergeant Roger Dale Hamilton, Company “F” 2nd Battalion, 1st. Marine Division. This will mark the 40th year anniversary of a beloved soldier’s MIA status April 21, 1967 at Nu Loc Son, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.
Memorial for Gunnery Sergeant Roger Dale Hamilton
2nd Bn 1st Marines
Fox Company 1967

Submitted by:
Judy Hamilton Faulk
Andrea Hamilton Schwartz
[email protected]
We hope this will represent closure to a very painful time within our family and circle of friends.

After many years have passed not knowing the fate of our Brother, we wish to thank those for their deep personal commitment toward the resolution of so many unanswered questions and details of this event.

Eric Faulk, nephew, for his research and gentle guidance.

Bob Berry, fellow corpsman who made Roger real to us again.

Dennis Merony, fellow corpsman for his confirmation of Roger’s fair and above board character.

Tom Singleton, fellow corpsman, for his candid details of the events of the morning of April 21, 1967.
Charles Terry, Roger’s best friend, for his pursuit of the recognition our brother so deserves.

Judy Hamilton Faulk
Andrea Hamilton Schwartz

Dedication and Memorial commencement was held on April 20th, 2007 at 3:00pm with Full Military honors.

Location of the Commerative headstone is section MK-45.