In memory of:
Lance Corporal
Norman Joseph George Spenard
2nd Bn 1st Marines - Golf Company 1965 - MOS 0311

Dedication by: Peter Boeger

[email protected]
From Springdale, CT - 31 December 1945 - 05 December 1965 - Panel 03E Line 133

LCpl Spenard was killed on the final DAGGER THRUST raid.

DAGGER THRUST V began on 5 December near the Phu Thu village complex, 40 miles north of Qui Nhon. This time the battalion was moderately successful, surprising a small VC force. During the two-day operation, the Marines killed 26 enemy and detained 38 suspects. The Marine battalion sustained casualties of three dead and 10 wounded.

The other 2 Marines who were killed in action that day are:

LCpl Robert D. Logue, Warren, OH;
Pfc Joseph W. Lanski, Philadelphia, PA.

To my childhood friend. You'll NEVER be forgotten. You gave your all for us.
Semper Fi, Brother
A memorial from his best friend, Peter D Boeger  [email protected]
Norman and I were in Golf 2/1 at Camp Pendelton and Viet Nam when he was killed along with two other Marines from Golf Company. We had a memorial service for him aboard the USS VALLEY FORGE (LPH-8), on 8 December 1965. Norman and the other two Marines were the first KIA's from our company.

I think of Norman and the other Marines we lost often. It's just something that doesn't leave your heart. Semper Fi, Norman.

Your Marine brother,
John (Jack) Leniger
Sgt G 2/1 and F 2/4
[email protected]