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DISCLAIMER: All comments, views, endorsments expressed in our guestbook are the views of the individual(s) and the individual(s) only and not those of our organization Vietnam Veterans of 2nd Bn, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division.  

  Brothers, families, friends and visitors to our 2/1 Guestbook

We have no censorship or limitations on what can be posted to this book, other than good manners and a respect for all those that post. With this in mind I would like to talk about some of the common sense, non-censoring regulations any "open to all readers posters" forums such as ours has.

First off, this is a Family guestbook - our 2/1 brothers, their families, friends, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, logging into the site, it is not good manners to use foul language, hate filled speels or engage in p****ing contests with other points of view that we do not agree with. If you have a problem with someones post, email that person directly, (they're email address is at the bottom center of every posted comment) please don't use this forum as a soap box to talk negative about another Marine or his/her point of view.

We are a small, yet tight family, and all of us come from different places and different views. Many of us that post here have some level of PTSD (whether we are willing to admit it or not) and on occassion our language can be coarse, but as Marines, we should not allow it to embarass or put a negative light on our Association or our Corps.

I'm not asking anyone to conform to some ideal image of who we are and what we do, I'm asking that all remember that young children come to this site to learn about our service and our war and we it to them to be dignified in our discussions and to keep the venom of anger and salty language to a minimum. 

We have to remember that these pages will become a legacy of who we are and what we were and spiteful, accusational and otherwise in your face comments just doesn't seem to fit with our historic brotherhood.

The bottom line is that everyone is free to say what they want and vent all they wish with others that are posting to the guestbook. We only ask that good manners and respect for all readers be kept in perspective.

Thanks for your ongoing support to bring 2/1 brothers and families together.

Semper Fidelis, Paul Mangan, President
Vietnam Veterans Second Battalion First Marines