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My plan to save America

Edgar A. Goulet (sp00n)
[email protected]

2nd Bn 1st Marines
Golf Company 66-67
         My plan to save America

It seems for the seventy years that I have been alive the American Dream has long disappeared for the most of us, happy days are gone.

We Americans are so divided that unless something drastically changes really soon that this Once Great Country will cease to exist, because we hate ourselves.
. . .
We Americans were seen as heroes back around WW2 and  since about the Vietnam War we have looked more like Villains and Criminals screwing one another every chance we get, it is the American way, fuck you. No morales, no respect is why we are not very well liked by even former Allies I don't have all the answers if any answers at all, that would make everyone jump for joy but a drastic change is needed right now as we are running out of time.  Mother Earth Sofia is at the point of no return as She is dying.  She cannot keep up with the constant rapping of Her natural recourses as if there is a never ending supply of energy when the Sun is all we need.

But those large Cooperations who like to keep their monopoly going in petroleum fossil fuel industry don't want any changes while keeping a monopoly on their products they have denied all of us from prospering and reaching the Stars. Thus we remaining a stagnant slave species who will remain at the bottom of that  barrel for many more years to come as we are not evolving or moving forward  up the ladder anytime soon as if we are permanently screwed, if we don't get our act together, in gear, before it's too late.

This plan is only a start but it will change the way we live because we are only existing constantly working for more money which is never enough as prices rise with very little controls so it's a constant circle of permanently trying too catch up. We are like running horses with no place to go while giving those who control us a free ride using all of our energy trying to eat that apple that's being dangling on a string two feet in front of our nose that we cannot get, but we just keep trying  as that apple never moves.

We have no time for our families and our culture has all but disappeared , that has all been forgotten for the sake of greed and money which has stolen most of our time. Money isn't worth anything except to pay a never ending  debt which is how we are being manipulated and controlled  We have no life. We just exist as someone is using are energy as to create a task many millions of times over for what? Profit We are similar to a rechargeable battery where we constantly get run down

No. 1   Return all the troops back home from all over this World.

No.2 Retire all the police so they are happy and replace them with those troops who are being paid much less, saving trillions, while increasing security and stopping Corruption. The people trust, respect and like our troops much more than the police and they wouldn't go back on their Oath for money at any price. Besides that the system of political corruption would not have that protection that created that corruption in the first place. The have and have nots with  double and triple standards, was all it was so this is a win win situation as far as for the General population is concern.

The real War is here with ourselves right in our face, right under our noses. State Government are arrogant and deceitful doing as they wish ignoring the Rule of Law that they can change, misuse as they please.  

No. 3 freeze and recover all stolen assets from all I'll gotten gains to pay off those Countries that we owe and then pay the National debt.  Start implementing price controls on everything until the system is balanced and running well. This will prevent prices from rising, less profits which will give everyone back their life again and more time to enjoy living rather just existing, that's why everyone is on edge as the pressure is too much creating more violence as we are here for a reason and it's not being a Slave 24/7 either.

No 4 Stop immigration until we are all settled and getting along with ourselves first as every American should have enough money for housing and the essentials where there is no need for crime.  We can be a model for other Countries and guide them as it's up too them too follow or our led or suffer, if they won't help themselves. People who hate us and have sworn to do us harm get them on a ship back to where they came from or die in a year round open hunting season.

No. 5  Courts must follow the US. Constitution and stop this Prisons for profit system of injustice and those responsible for this can take the place of those who were falsely convicted. Anyone who is beyond help will be disposed of for their not worth the time and money to house them like the animals in a zoo that people complain about. No. 6  Eliminate all political parties and Unions, shrink government and big Corporations no lobbyist or insider trading and find another way to choose a leader using the election money for the benefit of all, instead of wasting money on signs or hate ad's and fake news like falsifying poll numbers. Take the power away from public employees by paying them a  minimum wage, no ethnic groups of families allowed, diversity for all members of that work force

No. 7 No wasteful money on elections nor raising money for advertisement like fake news, saving those wasted trillions of dollars can keep everyone happy with transparency for all of it. Make lying a crime especially for the legal profession. Fake News a crime for the media

No. 8  Education will  be done at home with the same standards for all,  and higher education would be free to anyone who wants it The money saved on no busing or maintaining decaying school and school security would be enough to pay for free education.

How is that for starters, it's not perfect but everyone could finally have a life raise a family and live the American Dream, Happy Days are here again.

Edgar A. Goulet (sp00n)
[email protected]