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The Secret War Against Veterans

Edgar A. Goulet (sp00n)
[email protected]

2nd Bn 1st Marines
Golf Company 66-67
It’s been over fifty years that I knew there was a Secret Space Program just like the show Star Trex , or Lost in Space was one of the first shows that was so wonderfully written, then came Star Gate which was my favorite and thence after that one was Star Gate Atlantis as I use to say who ever wrote these stories are gifted.
The fact is this information was copied top secret information because who would believe all this crap could be true because everything we ever heard since we were born was a lie. Only people who feel that they have lived many lives previously or those like the sp00n here, who is Space Out somewhat like people who are said to have a sixth sense in my case it’s more like a sick sense but it’s my intuition that tells me things that I can’t explain, like sometimes I feel that we’re in more than one dimension and what separates one from another dimension is light traveling at a different speed, so fast or so slow we won’t notice it, kind of like that person who got on that plane with me and followed me back home back in the World.

The reason that I can remember all these stories with just flinging it, it’s not because my memory is much better than any of you, but it’s because I never left Vietnam as I’m still here so I remember most of the information as if it was yesterday, that’s right.

I remember more about fifty years ago than I cannot remember what day it is today. It took fifty years just to start talking about that screwed up War but I had to do it in order to tell everyone about the Secret War Against all Veterans. I’ve talked to many Veterans most of which don’t have a fucken clue of what I’m trying to explain to them so I stopped trying until one day my son Simon wanted me to watch a war movie and I hate Television but he insisted and that movie was so far fetched, but entertaining for sure as I felt like failure compared to Rambo.

Although I have to say I wish I could have done everything that he could do but the one thing that he said in that movie that really got my attention was that he was telling and describing this Secret War on Veterans and this totally blew me away. How the hell does an actor know something like that? I lived it is why I know the truth. So if he knows many more people or Veterans like all of us should all know this, but some of us don’t or are afraid to act knowledge this fact that we are now the Enemy.

They created us and now they fear us, that Veterans Disarmament Bill they once tried to pass was because those who swore a Oath to protect the People and the Bill of Rights in the Constitution tell those in charge running individual States like a mob who are not following the rules which makes all of us a direct threat to them.

We are now the bad guys who cannot be prepared to defend this nation because everything that is needed to defend even ourselves is illegal as next thing you know your a terrorist just for a book like a Marine Corps training manual and components like a old muffler, some wire and lighter fluid would get you ten years for even a thought, with no record. Going on PrivateIf you pay attention to what’s going on Private Prisons is not only big business but a very convenient way to get rid of those expendables who have survived and slipped thru the Justice System.

We are very expensive to keep alive and that disability check, the only way that you can lose it is if your convicted as a felon for at least one year, they can stop your check and instead of the Federal Government paying the State 43;500.00 per year they use your check instead to pay those investors to house your ass, how do you like them apples, that is one hell of a reality check, isn’t it?

The laws were change back about 1980 when they made Ten Categories of felonies out of smaller laws called misdemeanors where you paid a small fine. They needed real convictions in order to make some real money to fill those beds in brand new prisons as the number of inmates sky rocketed from 300,000 to over four million but you cannot take their word on this as one time I was trying to find out how many Veterans were in prison and no one knew which is again , bull shit, they know?

It was said this Country holds twenty five pe ent of the Worlds total prison population. My guess is what ever they say is the number, you could double that number and that would be a closer guess. The Internet has change everything as more exposure. But I do know one thing those who work for State Government are doing everything to stay in power at all cost because their so comfortable because we are actually working as their public servants they just haven’t told anyone that the Civil War has started and we the people are nothing but Slaves in sheeps clothing.

There are more than just double standards, like Rhode Island was the first Slave State and bad habit and big business is hard to stop once they get use to that easy buck, and I think that Wyatt Correctional Center in Central Falls which was created by taking one square miles possibly a mile and a quarter and created entire Fake city which was once part of Pawtucket as if it was it’s own little Country.

This was the first private Federal Prison in this Country, so try and find out who those investors were and still are ; I’m sure they are all insiders who not only belong to the Union but two ethnic groups have had things locked up as I’ve been around.

This club is mostly Italian and Irish Decent as anything that makes money in this State they the Unions have partnered up with 24 State Departments that were infiltrated when The God Father Raymond Patriabrca was running things for the Mafia which is still there just camouflaged in three piece suits which to the Sheep they look more respectable as Honorable, as about one third of that House Senate run un opposed for a reason and that’s control of the largest voting block that get anyone they please in power positions like the Attorney General is is running alone.

I’m sure he can’t find any evidences for their good old boys but for the rest of us were guilty before the trial even gets started as the media will damage anyone they target and the Grand Jury is rigged so are the other juries, so it’s plea bargain on their terms or they will make an example out of you if you try and exercise your Rights. Having been a Grunt in Vietnam at one time I thought this had to qualify as a dangerous, hard, miserable, mind altering, disturbing, family destructing type of job. That was what my MOS was as an 0311 or 0331, any of those 03 job descriptions of the expendable enlisted types that sooner or later will bite you in the ass.

Sometime in your life, it will destroy you and your family and no one will be there as having your back, that's right. All that talk about all this support for Veterans on Memorial Day or Veterans Day is just Hypocrisy read the news paper of other news that is hidden from fake news. You are a marked man forever because of what you were trained to do. Even the police fear soldiers because they know we were much better trained and have the experience that they have no clue about having a death wish.

Those that have no respect of the Reaper makes them fearless adversaries. I know this might sound far fetched but I assure you that it not, as this is the truth. All though Veterans are held to the highest regard as far as having or getting support, when it comes right down to receiving this support especially legal support you have none, your on your own as there is no support, that is a fact, the Truth hurts.

You can see this truth in military Court Marshals on any official Military Headquarters Web sight an View the last 12 months of these legal proceedings especially those who’s trial was held by a Judge alone. About 5 years ago doing some research I found that 184 of 189 Marines were convicted by a lone Judge in a 12 Month period. While during this same 12 Month period about 45 of the 98 Marines were also convicted  by a panel instead of a lone Judge. That's quite a difference of percentage.

So many in that first group which were sentenced most of which also received a Bad Conduct Discharge, not so much in that second group. This give everyone the General idea of the kind of support they can expect when their own Organization who they served and trained under can use and abuse their own, who's loyalty was expected, but loyalty is not a two way street in the US. military, were just one of many tools that they can use anyway the see fit. Once you sign your enlistment form and take the Oath before God, they own you.

This is the case, so what happens later on if one of these Veterans who served in a war and was unfairly Discharged out of those 80 thousand Veterans who had a secret code on their DD 214 that kept them from getting better opportunities for employment, they struggle and wither away until they end their misery. So we are being undermined by this system of lies while we’re thinking that serving this Great Country makes us proud while we have been kept in the Dark all these years believing that there is real Justice and that we are Free, are we? It’s a Myth .

Is this what support means to are Veterans, because if it is, no one with a half a brain should serve in a system that treats their own like cannon fodder after using these guys in false flag wars for profits while robbing those Countries of their resources because of power advantage and higher technology used by our industrial military complex system of very large corporations who depend on war for their bottom line.

While being sent all over this World dying for nothing, as were being sent away as if we are being distracted tending to the Elite’s Agenda fighting their choice of who they see as their enemy, while Our biggest enemy back home are those public servants that you even vote for, robbing us blind with one scam after another with no limit on what they can steal and give to themselves at the taxpayers expense. Were just killing ourselves to keep up this pace of three jobs to make ends meet, but we seem to never get there, because of Greed, it’s a disease, more is never enough
How many Trillions must you have to feel secure while watching the homeless starve?

This is all part of the Secret War Against Veterans that started in Basic Training. This is where they teach you how to kill people and destroy their Country only to rebuild that Country at taxpayers expense with no bid Government contracts that have no boundaries as it’s a free for all and the one that can afford the most wins.

This is where you are programed to kill or be killed like a robot or machine. Then everyone wonders why the rate of suicide for Veterans is so high? It's because the military not only trains you to kill but they also trains you to die.

That's right, if you know or think this is your moment of death make damn sure you take as many of the enemy with you for the cause, so others can over come. So back in the World, you think everything is cool, it's not, your a mark man and a trained killer, and a potential threat and should not be allowed owning a weapon especially if you have PTSD. Well most of those who been there and done that cannot forget all those tragedies and horrific experiences, so they become victims.

Even though you have PTSD because of the great job that you did risking your life to save and back up your Comrades in order to survive , now those in charge of your State Government don't want you and don't trust you because they didn't serve so they don't understand that you took an Oath to serve and protect the laws and it's people before God, you swear this Oath.

A small percentage of United people has been controlling a larger divide group keeping up the confusion, the lies, with more as distractions while throwing us a bone now and then. My plan to save America would work but if we Veterans cannot get it together, some other people will clean our house for us as were at war right now on many fronts and we are losing everyone of these battles as most people still haven’t even got a clue. I cannot believe what I am witnessing here, as It makes me sick.

Edgar Goulet (sp00n)