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Why, America Couldn't Win The Vietnam War

Edgar A. Goulet (sp00n)
[email protected]

2nd Bn 1st Marines
Golf Company 66-67
It seem to  me that the way this war was being conducted,  much of the information given to the troops, either wasn't true or would just change day to day as though they were trying to feel there way through it?

Like the personal who took over the command that nether had no clue on strategy or anything for that matter.  Taking over the command is one thing but making policy changes like changing that 30 day rule is something different altogether, the reason that they had no plan was because those in charge, lacked experienced, and didn't know what they were doing, that is a fact.
Between WW2 and the Korean War, the time frame was what? ten years and between the Korean War and the Vietnam War was 20 years give or take a year or two. So if someone graduated from West Point at the end of the Korean War they didn't learn anything as far as combat knowledge in all those years of peace, so experienced leaders, we had none.

Who amongst, those at the top, had combat experience during those years without war? they didn't, that's why they were playing the War by ear.

No one wanted to make a decision because they couldn't without sticking their neck out as they didn't know what to do because they never did it before, hello, is anybody, home?

That's a pretty good reason that no body ever heard before and I wasn't surprised that this was probably Top Secret .

We were be led by the blind, over educated, idiots who most likely never even shot a deer, never mind a big Buck with a Recurve Bow and Arrow. We took orders from these high paid morons who sent us out to get killed as if we were just pigs going out to the slaughter house for some smoked sausages.

That's one good reason why we lost the war, it was those Guys who let Some Politicians, who fought in WW2 and Korea, give them advice that was no good because this was Vietnam, an all together a different ball game, these guys tried bluffing their way through an altogether on different type of War and an Enemy that had been fighting Wars ever since they were born.

Those guys and girls were under estimated for some reason, maybe because they were smaller in average but what they lack in height or weight was to their advantage. They were like, stealthy, very mobile and faster that most of are troops who were to heavy for muddy terrain, to tall for most tunnels and to fat and very slow who made good targets.

No one ever gave them much credit for anything but let me tell all of you something right now, they were kicking our asses in every way except for fire power, we had that big advantage until that M-16 showed up and six Months later was the TeT offense which looked to me like that was the turning point of that War.

We also controlled the sky with air support was the only reason we didn't get wiped out because every time we were in a bad situation, the radio call was made for Air strikes with Napalm which killed most of those troops and gave the ground troops credit for the clean up job as it made us look good. I had a lot more respect for my enemy than I did for those in Command.

I'm talking about those above Captain all the way to the top as it seemed every order seemed to come from the top as if to keep the blame on somebody out in Space or something. Those who relied on good intelligent reports had a problem, they had none and lacked real good information as intelligent reports were not anything that we would have bet on, thats for sure but the Brass were not at risk so placing their bets was like using someone else's money so if we lost, it was just a right off, as I think many of those reports were just made up, is my opinion.

As far as our troops were concerned those out at the top were also our enemies who did everything possible to get us killed because they intentionally wore us out to the point that we wouldn't have stood much of a chance against fresh rested troops who were not out on daytime patrols all day in the hot sun was about as dumb of a stupid move when you think about it. Many guys died in that hot sun just from the heat, loss of fluid dodging mines booby traps and snipers, then that same night setting up an ambush where no one could barely stay awake and this could go on for three to ten days.

But if that wasn't bad enough after a few days of this, and made it back in the Battalion area for a hot meal and a cold drink, they would assign some of the lower ranked guys like myself night perimeter line duty and they would write you up if you fell asleep so it got to the point of why come back to get less rest as if we had stayed out at least you saved that take energy load that you needed as to go back and forth. That's probably why I lost forty pounds.

Well many other times we came in all worn out as almost out on our feet. We would sometimes had to go right back out that night in the poring rain where it was coming down so hard that in the pitch darkness you couldn't see anything including the trail itself or the guy in front of you. Thats right what was the purposes of this bull shit strategy, huh?

Besides that, they wanted us to make this grid line by a certain time frame that wasn't possible if someone took the time to consider the weather the terrain while checking in with a radio check every hour. I'm not kidding or making this up, I'm serious as many others have experienced this to me.  I'm sure, but I'm glad they didn't have GPS back then as it got so bad to the point that we started running fake patrols, that's right? We would go awhile until we found the right place to rest in a village or just the right place for protection from the wind and rain, and we stayed there all night at fifty percent alert off the beaten path many times in a village. We would say we're at grid whatever and the guy on the other end could care less as he probably was bored and couldn't stay awake either as sometimes he didn't answer the radio and we said nothing about that.

Even though our troops were better trained and could do the job, we still had to over come other disadvantages like the weather and the enemy also. The terrain favored the Enemy, the language made it difficult while they fought with their heart was something that was lacking with the Americans. For many reasons like racism and hatred left over from the Civil War was still causing problems.  A lot of favoritism didn't help much while those who were out in the bush, who took all the heat and most of the casualties got paid nearly nothing compared to officers in the safety of the rear who would sometimes do multiple tours why not their safe with plenty of rest good chow and hard booze to, we got beer only, if the guys in the rear didn't drink it all?

In my last month in Vietnam, that 30 day rule of anyone who had less than 30 days left to serve on their tour,  would be removed from the Combat Zone, was no longer the case. That was the rule that I was told when I first arrived in Vietnam, as it was for many of you in 1966 and the first half of 1967. This was said at orientation, and now six months later, this is no longer true. It seemed too me that the way this war was being conducted, that much of that information given to the troops, either wasn't true or would just change.

I wasn't sure if that was done intentionally because of some scuttlebutt that said, "the sp00n was coming back too Duty,"  lets change that rule because, its one of the only rules in this War, that didn't make any sense at all, thats the way that I felt. I couldn't understand who would want to change a rule that protected those who were lucky enough too have made it thru those twelve months, as it also showed me that they didn't care about those Grunts. Most guys didn't make it six months as the first 60 days were the worst.

At this point in my tour, I had seen enough, and had enough surprises. I was there in body, to do my part, as not too let any of my comrades down. But in spirit, my mind was confused about this War, with those failed policies, that were based on more lies and intentional miss information, that I and everyone else had to swallow, and like its bitter taste. As my time grew shorter, the days grew longer, two or three days seemed like a week, it was like that, when you can't laugh or smile about even a great joke your not having any fun, as the time drags. I had no fun, no good memories, even with my closest buddies in the first six months was all business to just survive.

I never even knew Maverick's real name, first or last, this was his nick name that the sp00n, gave this French, Pollock, because no one could pronounce his name. We were all so close, for a very short time, like tight, but in a way still  very far apart, almost like strangers, it was better that way, no one wanted to lose a good friend. Also, no one ever got to wish someone who left or got transferred a final farewell or good luck, nothing, it all didn't mean a thing.

When I enlisted, I followed the crowd of idiots who listen to the lies as everything was filtered down to kids who were programed for war back in the fifties. All those war movies made War look Glorious, its not, its pain is real pain and its misery is called suffering.

The information about the Indo China War was not available like it is now and after I read about that War the Vietnamese had with the French who just wanted to colonize those hard working people as Slaves in their own Country, it virtually made me sick and thoughts of suicide were haunting me as I realize I was fighting for the wrong side as I'm not into Slavery of any kind not even a zoo.

It was nothing but another false flag war that we started with the CIA. It must have been the first one of the many that have been going on since Vietnam and I would like to apologize to the Vietnamese people for my involvement.  All I can do is say I'm very sorry about that whole Tragedy of that War as I'm still there in Vietnam every day as I cannot forget it, it just won't go away, until I do, I'm hoping my spirit can shake free of that War.

God bless all of you, and God bless America!
Edgar Goulet (sp00n)