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Time Life Magazine
50th Year Anniversary

Edgar A. Goulet (sp00n)
[email protected]

2nd Bn 1st Marines
Golf Company 66-67
                        Time Life Magazine 50th Year Anniversary

This story is about how I found out that my face was identified on page 80 in the Time Life Magazine of The 50th year Anniversary of the Vietnam War,a Historical Book. An old friend, Charles Pasquerillo was doing some research, and while thumbing threw some pages he spotted me, along with a bunch of Marines preparing to go out on a Search and Destroy Mission, in Oct. 1966.

He asked Me if I knew that I was in a Historical Book I said, Charlie are you still smoking that shit? He said no, I'm serious, your picture is on page 80 with a group of Marines. And the minute I looked at that page, you were staring at me And I had no doubt that was Ed Goulet, no doubt.

I got a hold of Your Father who still lives in that same home.  He gave me you phone number and I just had to let you know. That's amazing as unbelievable as it may sound , it's true, that's You. I said thanks Charlie I will go buy a copy and get back too you.

I drove too a book store and finally bought a Magazine of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War which was smaller and with half of the information, but that's all they had so that picture was on page 40 instead of page 80 in the book, which I bought over a month later, after I bought that first magazine. When I opened it to that page it was like I went back in time as  I couldn't believe it but I did remembered that day , like it was yesterday

He told me that He was doing some research for a music video because he writes songs and creates his own music. He's one hell of a Guitar Player. He still rides His Motorcycle like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider Charlie who goes by Charles, is a one of a kind type of Guy. God dropped the mold while creating Charles, and hasn't been able too reproduce anyone like Him yet, a good friend but like the rest of us, he has PTSD too, He was in Artillery back in 1970 71 at Ben Het in the Army

I remember that day , while sitting there with this group of Marines being briefed on where we were going and what too expect.

While sitting there one guy said, "who's that tall guy  holding that  camera?" Just as I turned to see that tall dark haired guy with glasses holding that large telephoto lens  on a 35 MM camera, that Time Life picture of me with this group of Marines had just been taken, just as I turned my head in that direction, or no one would have ever known, that I was ever there in that photo.

In fact, Charlie,that's my friend, would have never contacted me, because we haven't seen each other in well over fifty years. He's the guy who made that video on U- tube, that would have never been made. We probably would never have hooked up living fifty miles from one another not even knowing that either of us still existed.

I didn't know anything about Larry Burrows back then, as I was still learning about myself never mind someone else who covered that war for nine years who took that photo. Larry got killed after his helicopter got shot down as I knew nothing about him. I  just wanted to put Vietnam as far back as I could as to try and forget that whole nightmare of a bad dream war. But I  was a NFG in that photo and this was my first  Search and Destroy Operation, but not the last.

Johansen is the guy closet too the camera  who I didn't know but I knew what His name was, and I knew a few other guys but I cannot ID anyone from behind their back.          
I never thought that a fifty year old photo with my mug shot would end up into a famous collection of Photographs never mind the sp00n appearing in a Historical Book with Ho Chi Ming, General Giaph, LBJ, Henry Kissinger and  many more historical figures and war criminals would all be together in a book rather than a prison. Ha Ha .that list is extensive, so I was pleasantly surprised, but shocked, as this was very hard for me too believe, as If I was on Fantasy Island or something The plane, the plane, this was real, I was there.

Well I was just in shock when one day the phone rang and it was Charlie who I knew from school as I knew Charlie's brother, Nick and I knew both  of their Parents to, nice people, down to Earth, his father looked like a movie star, as an actor, he would have made a great looking Wise Guy. Why He looked more like a gangster than the cleanest bad ass gangsters of that error, the real deal gangster,  Pretty  Boy Floyd.

What are the odds of the sp00n being in a famous photo collection of World renowned Larry Burrows who I knew nothing about until Charlie called me. Talk about a shock of a surprise, I mean just getting out of Vietnam in one piece was unbelievable, but having survived another 50 years and My Face shows up in this book was just beyond me.

If Charles Haden't contact me about that information, I  most likely would  have never known about this fact, and that would have been to bad to have missed knowing that I was now part of History. Later on when Charles discovered my photos and stories on the 2/1 sight that he thought were the best photos that he had ever seen and asked Me if I was interested in making a video? I didn't think to much about a video as I haven't even watched television in the past ten years or more.

I told him that I didn't want too bother as I didn't want to have to deal with it. He said" that I didn't have to do anything just pick out some songs you like and that He would put it all together," He could see that I wasn't into it so he said," look someday you won't be around but that Video will be around forever, how cool is that ? If you don't like it, I can change it or remove it.

Ok, Charles, I'll pick out some music and you put it together. Well I'm glad He talked Me into doing that Video. I love it, if flows very well together and I'm just surprised that it only has a few thousand views.

I seen many Videos in comparison that have thousands of more views, that I don't think they even come close too Charlie's master piece, But I did notice that some of those Other Videos do say that they are the best so more people click on it more times and they find out that it's not the best. but it's too late, the numbers of clicks are there,  regardless of the false advertising. Charlie never pushed this Video as he can't profit with other artis music but  it's growing steady and we are working on another one for the whole Company, I hope it is as good as every company will have a few of their members best flicks as there are so many good photos it's hard to choose.

So thank you Charlie for your friendship and for having My Back.

Our Brother
. . .