My Name is Geary Broussard “COONASS". In Vietnam most of the men didn’t even know my real name, they all call me by my Nick name COONASS.

I served with 1st Plt Fox Co 70-71 an 0311 squad and platoon radioman. Paul Stevens was in my platoon. In May of 71 we stood down as a Battalion and came back to the world as a unit at Camp Horno.  Most were retrained to new MOS’s. I wound up an Amtracer for 5 months.
Semper Fi, Geary “COONASS” Broussard
Then it was off to Drill Instructor School and I became a 19 year old DI. Served my 2 years on the field and got out. Went back in the reserves a couple of times for a couple years each and got out  in 1989.
I think I was the youngest to attend a formal DI school. Remember during WWII and Korea they took PFC's and L/Cpl's and had them go through some quick course and just start training recruits. Formal DI School started some time in the 50's I believe.  I also think the oldest did attend that class June-1972 and his name was GySgt Bellser.
I serve as Department Commandant of Louisiana and have a son who is a Corporal at MCRD San Diego.
My wife's name is Pam and my son that is in the Marine Corps Is Jared. My other children are David, Blake, Kaitlin and Sean.
I work for Berg Mechanical in Lafayette, Louisiana. Been married to my one and only wife for 32 years have 5 children and enjoying life.
The picture of the kid's in the class room is very special to me.
They are from the little town of Bigler, PA. They were the 2nd grade class that wrote to me once a week. I did make contact with one of the students in the picture last year.