Letter from John Lamont, 2/1 Corpsman, Foxtrot, ‘69-70’

The occasion for Doc’s response was to an eMail sent on Sunday morning with an apology

for disturbing his quiet enjoyment.




First, you do not need to apologize.  To a Corpsman, a Marine is never intruding.


            The idea of a page for Corpsman is really great.  I know we will appreciate the thought and

being included.


            Being a “doc” was the proudest time of my life! While many memories bring tears, most bring

a smile for the brothers I had over there.


            I hope the page shows that a Corpsman was more than the guy who put on a battle dressing

and medivac’d Marines.  In the brush we became Mother, Father, best friend, chaplain, and

more…. so much more.  When a patrol stopped to rest, we didn’t. We went around and checked

for sores, jungle rot and anything else that could impede the mission.  When a ‘Dear John’ letter

came from home, we were there for you.  When a Marine thought he could go on no longer, we

were there to spur him on.


            Most importantly…we felt lucky and damn proud to get the chance to be there with our Marines.

When someone says, “Hey Doc!”, we feel a sense of pride that is larger than life itself.


            When asked about ‘Nam, my first response is that I was a Marine Corpsman.  I feel fortunate to

have been a “Doc” and to have served with the Finest Fighting Men in the World!


            Once a Marine, always a Marine…it’s in our blood and the blood of our fallen brothers.



Semper Fi, and God Bless


Doc Lamont

Foxtrot ’69’–70