2/1's KIA's - The Heroes

2nd Bn, 1st Marines
Wall Of Honor

Did you ever know you were my heroes?

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Complete Listing from Coffelt Database
The Organization that Updates Names on the Vietnam Wall


NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Michalski, John StevenSyracuse, NYSgtGolf31 October 1965Panel 3E Row 09
Garcia, Juan R.New York City, NYLCplGolf17 November 1965Panel 3E Row 77
Lanski, Joseph WalterPhiladelphia, PAPFCGolf5 December 1965Panel 3E Row 129
Logue, Robert D.Warren, OHLCplGolf5 December 1965Panel 3E Row 130
Spenard, Norman G.Springdale, CTLCplGolf5 December 1965Panel 3E Row 133
Craft, Robert L.Salt Lake City, UTPFCFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 8
Grannan, MichaelCanoga Park, CAPFCFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 9
Cummings, RonaldStockton, CAPFCFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 7
Hall, Acie D.Lake City, TNLCplFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 7
Hickman, Robert F.Wheeling, WVSgtFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 8
Moreno, JosephAustin, TXPFCFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 8
Puzyrewski, LeslieChicago, ILCplFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 10
Sitler, Barry J.Compton, CaLCplFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 11
Vannatter, LloydEttrick, VACplFoxtrot10 December 1965Panel 4E Row 11
Manning, DennisSt. Clair, MNLCplEcho11 December 1965Panel 4E Row 12
Crutchley, DonaldBaltimore, MDCplGolf18 December 1965Panel 4E Row 22
Whipple, Clifford L.Downey, CALCplGolf18 December 1965Panel 4E Row 27
Jeremicz, GregorPhiladelphia, PALCplGolf18 December 1965Panel 4E Row 24
Huffer, Kenneth K.Kempton, INPFCGolf19 December 1965Panel 4E Row 28
Tadevich, Emil J.Waltham, MACplGolf31 December 1965Panel 4E Row 47

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Allen, Charles RichardSt. Louis, MOLCplH&S1 January 1966Panel 4E Row 47
Ward, Robert D.Yucaipa, CACplH&S9 January 1966Panel 4E Row 61
Tennill, Larry E.Slater, MOPFCFoxtrot10 January 1966Panel 4E Row 62
Taurisano, JamesEverett, MALCplFoxtrot20 January 1966Panel 4E Row 81
Kari, Jarmo A.Royal Oak, MIPFCH&S9 February 1966Panel 5E Row20
Williams, Robert D.Fayetteville, TNCplHotel26 February 1966Panel 5E Row 81
James, Daniel R.Loup City, NEPvtEcho26 February 1966Panel 5E Row 80
Ray, Darrell T.Olympia, WAPFCEcho28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 90
Bulifant, Roger D.Belleville, MIPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 84
Casebolt, Henry C.St. Joseph, MOCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 84
Christenson, WarrenHooper, UTPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 85
Fuchs, WilliamMilwaukee, WIPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 85
Johnson, Charles E.Batavia, ILCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 86
Laird, James B.Davenport, IAPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 87
MacDonald, Larry E.Detroit, MILCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 88
McCarthy, EdwardChicago, ILSSgtFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 88
McGuire, AndyChicago, ILLCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 89
Morgan, Mark L.San Bruno, CALCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 87
Naranjo, MiguelPueblo, COPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 91
Nugent, RichardWestwood, NJPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 92
Pederson, ArthurMinneapolis, MNLCplFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 90
Torres, JoseSinton, TXPFCFoxtrot28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 89
McLemore, James R.Knoxville, TNPFCGolf28 February 1966Panel 5E Row 89
Foran, William P.Decatur, ILLCplFoxtrot1 March 1966Panel 5E Row 93
Allen, Gary Charles **Pleasant Hill, CAPvtFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 97
Smith, Alfred John **Houston, TXLCplFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 109
Alsted, Stephen P. **Des Moines, IAPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 98
Bailey, Allen C. **Omaha, NELCplFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 99
Davis, Bruce **Gilbert, LACplFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 101
Goddard, Ronald W. **Seattle, WAPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 102
Hann, David M. **Santa Monica, CAPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 103
Labbe, Robert E. **Salem, OHPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 106
McMillen, Donnell **UnknownSgtFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 106
Lumley, Donald R. **Knoxville, TN2ndLtFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 107
Sanchez, Cresencio P. **Roswell, NMPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 109
Shands, Michael A. **Issaquah, WALCplFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 109
Trube, Delbert L. **Burdick, KSPFCFox 2/74 March 1966Panel 5E Row 110
Knutson, RobertNorfolk, VAPFCFoxtrot27 March 1966Panel 6E Row 54
Riehl, Harlan C.Spring Valley, MNHM3Fox/Echo27 March 1966Panel 6E Row 54
Van Reypen, RobertRochester, NYPFCFoxtrot27 March 1966Panel 6E Row 54
Wise, Elwin C.Valleyford, WAPFCFoxtrot27 March 1966Panel 6E Row 53
Yurgaitis, StanleyHarvey, ILPFCFoxtrot27 March 1966Panel 6E Row 55
Trevino, Juan R.Calwa, CAPFCFoxtrot29 March 1966Panel 6E Row 61
Crowe, Richard E.Long Beach, CALCplEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 117
Heath, James R.Bala Cynwyd, PALCplEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 118
MacKenna, JamesDenver, COSSgtEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 120
Noland, Jerry L.Houston, TXLCplEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 120
Paul, Ernest G.Concord, NHPFCEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 120
Steward, James H.Columbus, OHPFCEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 123
Walker, CharlesMagnolia, ARLCplEcho29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 123
Brandon, David B.Lake Oswego, ORPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 115
Briggs, Gordon M.Seattle, WAPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 115
Briles, James W.Portland, ORPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 115
Britton, ThomasGreat Neck, NYPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 116
Corkill, RobertSan Benito, TXLCplGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 117
Holt, Billy J.Cameron, TXLCplGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 118
Johnston, David W.Tucson, AZPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 119
Marchbanks, R. B.Moriarty, NMPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 119
Ralich, RonaldLorain, OHPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 121
Richard, Roy J.Lafayette, LAPvtGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 121
Stevens, Walter B.San Diego, CASgtGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 122
Sexton, Edward C.New Buffalo, MIPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 122
Wickel, KennethWest LawnPFCGolf29 May 1966Panel 7E Row 124
Bourg, Miller J.Houma, LALCplHotel25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 91
Martin, Bruno L.Wayne, MIPFCHotel25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 93
Reyner, David E.Houston, TXCplHotel25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 91
Eggleston, Robert R.Los Angeles, CAGSgtHotel25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 92
Herbstritt, RonaldBradford, PAPFCGolf25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 90
Daw, Cecil E.Anacoco, LAHNGolf25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 91
Sanchez, SantosSelma, CAPFCGolf25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 94
Strange, Richard L.Richmond, VASgtGolf25 June 1966Panel 8E Row 95
Coleman, James J.Jacksonville, FLCplGolf26 June 1966Panel 8E Row 97
Risner, John M.Las Cruces, NMPFCH&S26 June 1966Panel 8E Row 99
Case, Orson H.Johnstown, NYCplEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 21
Chamaj, Andrew P.Scenery Hill, PAHM3Echo15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 22
Chambers, Paul R.Scottsboro, ALCplEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 22
Cherrick, James W.New York City, NYPFCEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 22
Cunnion, Michael A.Mt. Vernon, NYPvtEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 23
Dennis, Mark V.Miamisburg, OHHM3Echo15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 23
Gooden, MichaelBellflower, CALCplEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 24
Schloemer, CarlBellefontaine, MOLCplEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 26
Simmons, HerolinAhoskie, NCSSgtEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 26
Stubstad, GeraldChicago, ILPFCEcho15 July 1966Panel 9E Row 26
Maul, Richard A.Chicago, ILLCplEcho16 July 1966Panel 9E Row 28
Edwards, James W.Normal, ILPFCEcho18 July 1966Panel 9E Row 33
Askin, James F.Port Charlotte, FLHM2Foxtrot20 July 1966Panel 9E Row 44
Jorgensen, Rolf W.Seattle, WALCplH&S20 July 1966Panel 9E Row 47
Hap, Edward F.E. Chicago, IN1stLtFoxtrot20 July 1966Panel 9E Row 46
Dibb, Stephen K.Milwaukee, WISgtFoxtrot21 July 1966Panel 9E Row 51
Martinez, PedroMercedes, TXPFCHotel21 July 1966Panel 9E Row 53
McNichols, RichardPhiladelphia, PACplHotel21 July 1966Panel 9E Row 54
Schultz, Steven O.International Falls, MNHM3Golf23 July 1966Panel 9E Row 63
Grable, Mickey RayCentralia, ILCplGolf25 July 1966Panel 9E Row 74
Clinton, Larry E.Columbus, OHCplH&S3 August 1966Panel 9E Row 102
Hurd, Charles E.Sandyville, WVPFCH&S3 August 1966Panel 9E Row 103
Eppley, Gerald V.Newark, OHPFCGolf6 August 1966Panel 9E Row 107
Fisher, LamarLos Angeles, CAPvtHotel20 August 1966Panel 10E Row 21
Tucker, Carl W.Jacksonville, FLLCplGolf20 August 1966Panel 10E Row 23
Glaze, Kenneth L.Hutchinson, KSSSgtGolf23 August 1966Panel 10E Row 29
Grego, Phillip H.Council Bluffs, IAPFCGolf23 August 1966Panel 10E Row 29
Walter, Clifton M.Erie, PAPFCGolf23 August 1966Panel 10E Row 32
Hernandez, Alexander VeraCompton, CAPFCH&S7 September 1966Panel 10E Row 74
Ephriam, David B.Los Angeles, CAPFCEcho9 September 1966Panel 10E Row 79
Dolin, Danny J.Lake, WVPFCGolf10 September 1966Panel 10E Row 82
Jason, Bruce E.Boston, MASSgtFoxtrot13 September 1966Panel 10E Row 91
Lenartowicz, CharlesPhiladelphia, PACplFoxtrot13 September 1966Panel 10E Row 92
Evenhus, Gerald W.Salem, ORPFCHotel16 September 1966Panel 10E Row 100
Light, Joseph M.Pittsburgh, PALCplHotel16 September 1966Panel 10E Row 101
Branson, Jerry L.Owensville, MOPFCHotel19 September 1966Panel 10E Row 116
Martinez-Soto, JosephSan Sebastian, PRPFCHotel19 September 1966Panel 10E Row 120
McArthur, Jerome D.Baltimore, MDPFCHotel19 September 1966Panel 10E Row 120
Williams, Johnny E.Charleston, SCPFCHotel19 September 1966Panel 10E Row 122
Brannen, James R.Statesboro, GAPFCFoxtrot20 September 1966Panel 10E Row 123
Johnson, ClarenceAllen Park, MIPFCFoxtrot20 September 1966Panel 10E Row 124
Holeman, Ray W.North Jackson, OHPFCEcho23 September 1966Panel 11E Row 3
Jones, DanielSavannah, GALCplEcho28 September 1966Panel 11E Row 25
Miller, PhillipOklahoma City, OKPFCFoxtrot4 October 1966Panel 11E Row 46
Staneart, RonaldPiqua, OHPFCFoxtrot4 October 1966Panel 11E Row 47
Spaulding, JackBuffalo, NYLtColH&S14 October 1966Panel 11E Row 75
Pike, Dennis E.Petersburg, ILLCplEcho15 October 1966Panel 11E Row 77
Poole, Perry L.Helena, ARLCplGolf16 October 1966Panel 11E Row 80
Crump, Jesse L.Bonnieville, KYPFCFoxtrot28 October 1966Panel 11E Row 121
Allen, Billie A.Prentiss, MSLCplEcho2 November 1966Panel 12E Row 9
Harris, BenjaminMarcus Hook, PALCplEcho7 November 1966Panel 12E Row 37
Fontaine, LarryLincoln, NEPFCEcho7 November 1966Panel 12E Row 37
Thornton, KennethShelby, OHSgtGolf15 November 1966Panel 12E Row 77
Starcher, Eddie D.Leatherbark, WVLCplHotel15 November 1966Panel 12E Row 77
Richardson, JesseOpelousas, LASSgtUnknown16 November 1966Panel 12E Row 81
Dorsey, WilliamYonkers, NYCplFoxtrot20 November 1966Panel 12E Row 94
Gaines, CharlesNewton, MS2ndLTFoxtrot20 November 1966Panel 12E Row 95
Shepherd, HarryLargo, FLSgtFoxtrot20 November 1966Panel 12E Row 97
Matson, Howard V.Brookfield, WILCplFoxtrot4 December 1966Panel 13E Row 11
Cortez, RichardLos Angeles, CACplHotel6 December 1966Panel 13E Row 15
Byrne, Paul R,Lorton, VAPFCHotel11 December 1966Panel 13E Row 32
Gordon, Johnny L.Los Angeles, CALCplHotel13 December 1966Panel 13E Row 41
Evans, Eric W.Rexford, NYCplHotel13 December 1966Panel 13E Row 40
Brigham, AlbertSavannah, GALCplEcho14 December 1966Panel 13E Row 13
Di Roberto, RobertMamaroneck, NYCplHotelDOW,12/15/66 (WIA 12/13)Panel 13E Row 47
Burri, Miguel R.La Mirada, CAPFCEcho18 December 1966Panel 13E Row 58
Gandil, Robert P.Hackensack, NJPFCEcho18 December 1966Panel 13E Row 58
Ortega, ErnestWichita, KSSgtHotel21 December 1966Panel 13E Row 69
Murphy, Robert E.Compton, CAPFCEcho21 December 1966Panel 13E Row 68
Sloan, Max E.Moultrie, GALCplEcho22 December 1966Panel 13E Row 73
Carlson, VernellMora, MNPFCHotel26 December 1966Panel 13E Row 80

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Clark, CharlesJackson, TNPfcGolf19 January 1967Panel 14E Row 52
Guseman, WilliamFinleyvill, PACplHotel25 January 1967Panel 14E Row 78
Dumas, William R.Bellevue, OHPFCHotel29 January 1967Panel 14E Row 95
O'Connor, Brian R.Andover, MA2ndLtHotel31 January 1967Panel 14E Row 100
Russell, Gordon W.Danvers, MAPFCFoxtrot1 February 1967Panel 14E Row 106
Muniz, Carlos N.New York City, NYCplHotel6 February 1967Panel 14E Row 130
Reyes, Douglas C.Memphis, TNLCplEcho17 February 1967Panel 15E Row 55
Boggs, Charles E.Charlston, WVAPFCH&S6 March 1967Panel 16E Row 26
Smith, Paul R.Pen Mar, PACplH&S6 March 1967Panel 16E Row 31
Olson, Gary W.Milwaukee, WILCplEcho15 March 1967Panel 16E Row 85
Brownfield, PhilNew York City, NYLCplGolf16 March 1967Panel 16E Row 88
Morse, Charles A.Davenport, IALCplGolf27 March 1967Panel 17E Row 58
Harrell, James E.Cortland, INLCplGolf29 March 1967Panel 17E Row 68
Carstens, Gary AmosDenver, COPFCEcho8 April 1967Panel 17E Row 120
Simmons, Harry J.Langhorne, PALCplEcho8 April 1967Panel 17E Row 129
Ciborowski, ThomasMaspeth, NYPFCFoxtrot9 April 1967Panel 18E Row 2
Dorr, Gerald B.Middleboro, MAPFCFoxtrot15 April 1967Panel 18E Row 28
Amos, Willie F.Atlanta, GAPvtHotel19 April 1967Panel 18E Row 46
Cope, Robert J.Kennewick, WALCplHotel19 April 1967Panel 18E Row 48
Barnes, James W.New York City, NYLCplGolf20 April 1967Panel 18E Row 51
La Duke, JohnPaterson, NJLCplGolf20 April 1967Panel 18E Row 53
Overturf, PhilipWest Frankfort, ILPvtGolf20 April 1967Panel 18E Row 54
Bacera, JavierWeslaco, TXLCplHotel20 April 1967Panel 18E Row 52
Arredondo, Thomas A.Fresno, CASgtFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 55
Austin, Eddie P.Coachella, CACplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 55
Benegas, VincentRiverside, CALCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 55
Boley, Ronald M.New Lexington, OHPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 56
Bonds, Byron D.Evansville, INLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 56
Breedlove, RodneyAlkol, WVLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 56
Bunn, BenjaminWashington, DCPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 55
Carey, James E.Altoona, PALCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 57
Cormier, Ronald R.Portsmouth, NHPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 57
Davis, John LarryConemaugh, PALCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 57
Egan, Edward T.Roslindale, MAPvtFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 58
Evans, Sammy G.Hampton, ARPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 58
Gould Edward D.Bateville, ARSSgtFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 59
Grimes, Gary D.Houston, TXLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 63
Hamilton, Roger D.Baltimore, MDGSgtFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 59
Hartman, Gar R.Newport, NYCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 59
Hunt, William D.Birmingham, ALPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 60
Holtzclaw, ThomasAtlanta, GAPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 60
Krage, Lanny R.Columbia, SCLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 61

Medal of Honor

Martini, Gary W.Portland, ORPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 61

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
O'Callaghan, MauriceIselin, NJPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 62
Owens James JosephWoodside, NYCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 62
Pettaway, Larry C.Dayton, OHLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 63
Podmaniczky, ChrisSt. Louis, MOPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 65
Sanchez, UvaldoAlbuquerque, NMLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 64
Scheib, Ralph E.Rochester, NYLCplFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 64
Shelton, James H.Hominy, OK2ndLtFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 64
Pawlowicz, DennisDuluth, MNPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 62
Pastrovich, EugeneWalshville, ILPFCFoxtrot21 April 1967Panel 18E Row 63
Cerrano, Louis F.New York City, NYPFCFoxtrot22 April 1967Panel 18E Row 67
Firmneck, Allen P.Hartford, CTHNFoxtrot22 April 1967Panel 18E Row 69
McCall, Douglas H.Hayward, CAPFCGolf22 April 1967Panel 18E Row 70
Perez, Raul B.El Paso, TXPFCFoxtrot22 April 1967Panel 18E Row 71
Ballard, Adam D.Olathe, COCplEcho23 April 1967Panel 18E Row 73
Lewellin, Lawrence F.Brook Park, MNLCplEcho23 April 1967Panel 18E Row 75
Stephenson, RobertChapmanville, WVPFCEcho23 April 1967Panel 18E Row 76
Snock, James EdwardPhiladelphia, PAPFCEcho28 April 1967Panel 18E Row 108
Burks, Gary A.Covington, VAPFCFoxtrot29 April 1967Panel 18E Row 112
Smith Henry EdwardHarrisburg, PASgtH&S9 May 1967Panel 19E Row 74
Ullmer, William A.Escondido, CAPFCEcho9 May 1967Panel 19E Row 123
Wargo, Dennis M.Clairton, PAPFCH&S9 May 1967Panel 19E Row 76
Esquivel, JaimeSan Jose, CAPFCFoxtrot13 May 1967Panel 19E Row 105
Johnson, Jimmy EarlCullman, ALPFCFoxtrot13 May 1967Panel 19E Row 108
Cronin, John EarlChicago, ILPFCEcho14 May 1967Panel 19E Row 116
Guthrie, FrankAzle, TXPFCEcho14 May 1967Panel 19E Row 117
Joyce, Daniel T.North Tarrytown, NYGSgtEcho14 May 1967Panel 19E Row 119
Bono, Ben Dominic.O Fallon MOLpcEcho14 May 1967Panel 19E Row 115
Spivey, Harley E.Samson, AL2ndLtGolf21 May 1967Panel 20E Row 79
Dwyer, Robert MartinTroy, NYLCplEcho23 May 1967Panel 20E Row 89
New Morris D.Austin, TXLCplEcho24 May 1967Panel 20E Row 94
Speer, Byron M.San Marino, CA2ndLtGolf13 June 1967Panel 21E Row 99
Stelle, Gerald C.Temple City, CASgtFoxtrot13 June 1967Panel 21E Row 99
Williams, Rufus TimothyHouston, TXLCplEcho25 June 1967Panel 22E Row 64
Cartwright, Thomas C.Honoye Falls, NY1stLtGolf26 June 1967Panel 22E Row 64
Daniels, Earl G.Thomasville, GASSgtGolf26 June 1967Panel 22E Row 65
Gulliver, John J.Schenectady, NYPFCGolf29 June 1967Panel 22E Row 83
Proue, James T.St. Paul, MNPFCGolf1 July 1967Panel 21W Row 43
Adams, Terry LeeBessemer City, NCCPLEcho14 July 1967Panel 23E Row 68
Gonzalez, Pablo R.Eagle Pass, TXLCplFoxtrot18 July 1967Panel 23E Row 86
MacKay, Paul A.New York City, NYPFCHotel18 July 1967Panel 23E Row 87
Huckabee, James E.Lewisville, TXLCplHotel21 July 1967Panel 23E Row 100
Broegler, HermanVirginia Beach, VALCplFoxtrot1 August 1967Panel 24E Row 59
Snyder, HaroldNew York City, NYPFCFoxtrot1 August 1967Panel 24E Row 64
Yanez, Jesus, Jr.Corpus Christi, TXCplEcho12 August 1967Panel 24E Row 105
Mahan, Darrell U.McKinney, TXCplGolf19 August 1967Panel 25E Row 17
Aasen, David K.Longview, WALCplEcho22 August 1967Panel 25E Row 27
Lavelle, Terrence M.Cleveland, OHCplEcho25 August 1967Panel 25E Row 43
Gallagher, George F.Barre, VTHNHotel29 August 1967Panel 25E Row 62
Spiller, LeroyGalena Park, TXLCplGolf29 August 1967Panel 25E Row 66
Marquardt, Wayne J.Lindenhurst, NYCplFoxtrot2 September 1967Panel 25E Row 86
St. George, Fred D.Hinesburg, VTSgtHQ10 September 1967Panel 26E Row 52
Scritchfield, DavidBuffalo, NYLCplH&S11 September 1967Panel 26E Row 57
Miller, Burrnon E.Indianapolis, INPFCGolf18 September 1967Panel 25E Row 89
Broderick, PatrickChicago, ILLCplGolf23 September 1967Panel 27E Row 2
Keller, Joseph J.Newark, NJCplEcho29 September 1967Panel 27E Row 29
Townsend, George H.Philadelphia, PAPFCGolf17 October 1967Panel 28E Row 32
Fenenga, Terry H.Iona, SDCplEcho18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 36
Churchill, LawrenceTustin, CALCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 34
Decker, Robert H.Marshfield, WIHM3Hotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 34
Firth, Allen E.Mission Home, VASgtHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 34
Gass, Charles L.Hobbs, MNLCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 35
Hammond, Jack M.Marysville, WALCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 35
Ingels, Charles W.Cincinnati, OHPFCHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 36
McKnight, Matthew O.Opa Locka, FL1stLtHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 37
Oberle, David A.Walnut Creek, CALCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 39
Perez, AnthonyBrownsville, TXPFCHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 38
Sigsbee, Michael J.Elkhart, INPFCHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 38
Vicalvi, Timothy L.Worcester, MALCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 39
Roy, Allen, J.East Hartford, CTLCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 38
Betty, Claude C.UnknownCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 33
Franklin, MichaelAurora, COLCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 37
Sluder, Donald T.Mountain City, TNCplHotel18 October 1967Panel 28E Row 37
Jones, James R.Long Beach, CALCplFoxtrot22 October 1967Panel 28E Row 49
Mallon, James J.Indianapolis, IN2ndLtFoxtrot24 October 1967Panel 28E Row 61
Dissinger, Gary FrankLebanon, PACPLFoxtrot27 October 1967Panel 28E Row 81
Dixon, Lee A.Saraland, ALLCplH&S7 November 1967Panel 29E Row 40
Dobbs, Gerald T.Etowah, TNPFCGolf19 November 1967Panel 30E Row 24
Martinez, John JamesMidvale, UTL/CplHotel23 November 1967Panel 30E Row 72
Muraco, Francis J.Winchester, MACplHotel23 November 1967Panel 30E Row 72
Runnels, Lloyd C.San Diego, CA2ndLtHotel23 November 1967Panel 30E Row 73
Blisset, Robert A.Lapeer, MICplFoxtrot30 November 1967Panel 31E Row 9
Roy, Peter WilliamFairhaven, MAPFCEcho5 December 1967Panel 31E Row 41
Burns, James E.Buffalo, NYPFCHotel7 December 1967Panel 31E Row 57
Zywicke, David L.Maintowoc, WILCplHotel7 December 1967Panel 31E Row 62

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Lloyd, Ronald E.Mobile, ALPFCHotel1 January 1968Panel 33E Row 14
Fox Jr, Richard W.B.Richmond, VALCplFoxtrot3 January 1968Panel 33E Row 31
Hixson, CarlPhiladelphia, PACplH&S5 January 1968Panel 33E Row 48
Koester, Joel R.Phoenix, AZCplHotel10 January 1968Panel 34E Row 22
Loy, James R.Green Bay, WIHNFoxtrot11 January 1968Panel 34E Row 30
Backer, WilliamMandan, NDPFCFoxtrot12 January 1968Panel 34E Row 33
Byars, Richard S.Rye, COCplEcho22 January 1968Panel 35E Row 10
Bingham, David A.Melrose, MAPFCFoxtrot22 January 1968Panel 35E Row 10
Weathers, NathanielCleveland, OHGSgtEcho22 January 1968Panel 35E Row 12
Simmons, Tom W.Trinity, TXPFCFoxtrot22 January 1968Panel 35E Row 12
Hauch, James M.Akron, OHLCplGolf31 January 1968Panel 36E Row 13
Sweeney, MichaelColumbia, SCPFCGolf11 February 1968Panel 38E Row 81
Luca, Patrick C.Lyndhurst, OHLCplH&S24 February 1968Panel 41E Row 10
Herfel, Laurence C.Madison, WILCplEcho24 February 1968Panel 41E Row 14
Pendergrass, VernonBirmingham, ALPFCGolf4 March 1968Panel 42E Row 70
Williams, Curtis L.Catron, MOPFCGolf4 March 1968Panel 43E Row 26
Dawkins, ClarenceColumbia, SCLCplEcho24 March 1968Panel 45E Row 64
Emery, Donald C.Portland, ORLCplEcho27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 45
Doane, Michael L.Browning, MTCplFoxtrot27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 45
Lucas, Robert E.Oak Grove, VAPFCFoxtrot27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 47
Moody, Paul J.East St. Louis, ILLCplFoxtrot27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 48
Moore, Carter L.Ilion, NYCplFoxtrot27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 48
Mosley, Bernie JackHot Springs,AKHNFoxtrot27 March 1968Panel 46E Row 48
White, Wesley W.Carteret, NJLCplEcho2 April 1968Panel 47E Row 44
Craney, Leslie L.Portland, MEPFCEcho3 April 1968Panel 47E Row 48
Peckham, GeorgeR.Wyoming, MILCplFoxtrot4 April 1968Panel 48E Row 8
Mount, John E.Vineland, NJLCplEcho7 April 1968Panel 48E Row 44
Nash, Thomas StevenAtlanta, GAPFCEcho7 April 1968Panel 48E Row 45
Oesterreich, Tilo RudolfPhiladelphia, PACplEcho7 April 1968Panel 48E Row 45
Groshong, AllenNewport News, VAHMNFoxtrot8 April 1968Panel 48E Row 52
Jackson, Billy L.Saraland, ALSSgtFoxtrot8 April 1968Panel 49E Row 2
Dicken, PerryDanville, ILLCplEcho11 April 1968Panel 49E Row 20
Lamon, Francis W.Philadelphia, PAPFCGolf17 April 1968Panel 50E Row 30
Lawrence, William A.Mann, WVPFCGolf17 April 1968Panel 50E Row 32
Barrows, IrvingDe Ridder, LAPvtEcho21 April 1968Panel 51E Row 16
Rudd, Richard J.Keokuk, IAPFCH&S21 April 1968Panel 51E Row 25
Strong, Gridley B.Ontario, CAPFCHotel21 April 1968Panel 51E Row 25
Johnson, Charles T.Cadillac, MIPFCGolf4 May 1968Panel 52E Row 67
Cottrell, Darrel W.Rockville, INLCplGolf4 May 1968Panel 54E Row 32
Connor, GlenDanville, VAPFCHotel8 May 1968Panel 56E Row 36
Norton, KennethLaurel Hill, NCCplFoxtrot8 May 1968Panel 57E Row 67
Daugherty, JamesYork, PACplH&S9 May 1968Panel 57E Row 13
Horsley, LaMonteLennon, MICplH&S9 May 1968Panel 57E Row 23
Campestre, AlbertNew York City, NYPFCEcho17 May 1968Panel 62E Row 1
Allen, Richard J.Danville, VAPFCHotel17 May 1968Panel 61E Row 22
McMullin, CharlesWillard, MOPFCHotel17 May 1968Panel 62E Row 9
Fontenot, ChesterLuling, LAHNHotel17 May 1968Panel 62E Row 4
Isler, Reid AllenEstancia, NMHM3Hotel17 May 1968Panel 62E Row 6
Grimstad, SigardTeaneck, NJPFCEcho19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 10
Molaison, GordonThibodeaux, LACplEcho19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 13
Muvich, Dennis R.Whiting, IN2ndLtEcho19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 14
Braun, Harry W.Hebron, ILPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 5
Burleson, Michael F.Waxahachie, TXLCplFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 6
Burnham, JosephBloomfield, NJPvtFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 6
Cooper, James W.Nansemond, VAPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 7
Ewing, Lon B.Chula Vista, CAPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 18
Gillespie, AlbertStreetsboro, OHPvtFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 10
Coleman, Lynn B.Ashland, MSPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 6
Johnson, DonaldDallas, TXPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 11
Montz, Roger E.Tonawanda, NYPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 12
Oliver, Troy R. Jr.Boise, IDCaptFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 15
Reece, Walter J.Marshall, NCSgtFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 17
Riordan, Patrick C.Des Plaines, ILPFCFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 17
Trantham, RaymondMurphy, NCLCplFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 15
Valrie, Dwight T.Ocala, FLPvtFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 63E Row 19
Wiliber, GeraldNew Orleans, LACplFoxtrot19 May 1968Panel 64E Row 1
Rowe, Arthur M.Phillipsburg, NJPFCFoxtrot1 June 1968Panel 61W Row 6
Cabe, JohnnyCarlsbad, NMCPLFoxtrot3 June 1968Panel 61W Row 21
Quinones, EdwardNew York City, NYCplEcho3 June 1968Panel 60W Row 5
Polk, Robert L.Sherman, TXLCplFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 13
Romano, AugustNew York City, NYPvtFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 14
Kidd, Melton L.Chesapeake, VAPFCFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 10
Lowe, BarryFarmington, MAPFCFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 10
Mizner, DarrellAkron, OHPFCFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 11
Patterson, William A.Superior, WIPFCFoxtrot9 June 1968Panel 58W Row 16
Smith, Jimmy H.Fort Pierce, FLLCplH&S10 June 1968Panel 58W Row 20
Baker, DonaldPhiladelphia, PALCplFoxtrot16 June 1968Panel 58W Row 16
Bond, Theodore C.Columbus, OHLCplFoxtrot16 June 1968Panel 56W Row 1
Houston, MarvinLittle Rock, ARLCplFoxtrot16 June 1968Panel 58W Row 9
Nash, David E.National City, CASgtFoxtrot16 June 1968Panel 58W Row 12
Ruiz, ThomasNew York City, NYLCplH&S1 July 1968Panel 54W Row 32
Brown, Richard S.Ashville, OHCplGolf5 July 1968Panel 53W Row 16
Taylor, JamesMiami, FLLCplGolf5 July 1968Panel 53W Row 35
Majeski, Michael T.Jersey City, NJLCplGolf27 July 1968Panel 50W Row 19
Floey, William L.Fort Towson, OKPFCGolf27 July 1968Panel 50W Row 18
Howe, Larry W.Fresno, CALCplH&S1 August 1968Panel 50W Row 43
Marcum, HaroldCleveland, OHLCplH&S1 August 1968Panel 50W Row 44
Hutchings, StevenDallas/Celina, TXLCplGolf6 August 1968Panel 49W Row 19
Green, Claude H.Margaretville, NYPvtEcho9 August 1968Panel 49W Row 1
Brown, Dennis L.Milwaukee, WILCplH&S19 August 1968Panel 54W Row 14
Collins, TheotisAsbury Park, NJLCplFoxtrot19 August 1968Panel 48W Row 52
Le Compte, John A.Albuquerque, NMLCplEcho20 August 1968Panel 54W Row 31
Wright, Charles F.Vallejo, CASgt1st Tank Co.23 August 1968Panel 47W Row 58
Manger, James A.Anderson, INCplHQ30 August 1968Panel 45W Row 7
Blumer, Wilford L.East St. Louis, ILPFCGolf31 August 1968Panel 45W Row 12
Sanville, Ernest E.North Hinsdale, NHHM3Golf31 August 1968Panel 45W Row 16
Williams, EddieWhittaker, NCPFCHotel1 September 1968Panel 45W Row 23
Fogleman, JohnnyIndianapolis, INPFCH&S2 September 1968Panel 45W Row 25
Martin, NapoleanCincinnati, OHLCpl1st CAG9 September 1968Panel 44W Row 11
Bowman, Arthur B.Mount Vernon, NYLCplHotel10 September 1968Panel 44W Row 14
Heaps, John W.Bensenville, ILPFCHotel14 September 1968Panel 44W Row 56
George, John W.Washington, DCPFCH&S17 September 1968Panel 43W Row 14
Ort, Steven M.Columbus, OHPvtEcho18 September 1968Panel 43W Row 80

Medal of Honor

Williams, Dewayne T.St. Clair, MIPFCHotel18 September 1968Panel 43E Row 25

Montoya, AnthonyRome, NYLCplEcho27 September 1968Panel 42W Row 31
Marsh, John R.Newark, NJPFCH&S6 October 1968Panel 41W Row 18
Dunkel, Michael R.St. Paul, MNPFCGolf7 October 1968Panel 41W Row 23
Schneller, Steven O.Marysville, CAPFCHotel7 October 1968Panel 41W Row 26
Fischer, Roy S.Lakeland, FLPFCGolf9 October 1968Panel 41W Row 34
Cain, Dennis R.Council Bluffs, IAPFCHotel22 October 1968Panel 40W Row 18
Evans, Jeffrey W.Chicago, ILPFCHotel22 October 1968Panel 40W Row 20
Garrett, Robert L.Zanesville, OHPFCHotel22 October 1968Panel 40W Row 19
Pahcheka, Robert H.Indiahoma, OKPFCHotel22 October 1968Panel 40W Row 22
Henderson, DerrickGary, INPFCFoxtrot4 November 1968Panel 39W Row 17
Jones, Marvin C.Interlaken, NYPFCFoxtrot4 November 1968Panel 39W Row 17
Bergeron, DouglasTillamook, OR2ndLtHotel4 November 1968Panel 39W Row 15
Halt, ArdonHouston, TXCplFoxtrot5 November 1968Panel 39W Row 21
Ezell, William B.West Monroe, LALCplGolf18 November 1968Panel 38W Row 7
Brown, Roger C.Newark, NJPFCHotel20 November 1968Panel 38W Row 14
Hubbard, Tony G.Orlando, FLPvtEcho22 November 1968Panel 38W Row 35
Pitts, Joseph W.Philadelphia, PALCplEcho4 December 1968Panel 37W Row 41
Hadley, Thomas J.Pittsboro, NCLCplEcho6 December 1968Panel 37W Row 50
Keegan, RichardNorfolk, VAPvtEcho9 December 1968Panel 37W Row 75
Piotrowicz, DavidPhiladelphia, PAPFCH&S15 December 1968Panel 36W Row 26
Maxwell, Dennis R.St. Louis, MICplFoxtrot19 December 1968Panel 36W Row 45
Moore, John B.Geneva, NY2ndLtEcho21 December 1968Panel 36W Row 57
Ing, Herbert E. IIICamp Lejeune, NC2ndLtFoxtrot23 December 1968Panel 36W Row 69
McCord, David M.San Diego, CAPFC1st CAG23 December 1968Panel 36W Row 70
Maxwell, WilliamTuscaloosa, ALLCplH&S27 December 1968Panel 36W Row 81

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Pearce, Jerry D.Celeste, TXLCplEcho15 January 1969Panel 34W Row 9
Bradley, Gerald G.Braintree, MACplEcho15 January 1969Panel 34W Row 4
Carey, James D.Pensacola, FLPFCEcho15 January 1969Panel 34W Row 5
Carroll, Peter R.Winters, CALCplHotel15 January 1969Panel 34W Row 5
Shelleman, KennethHuntington, WV2ndLtH&S2 February 1969Panel 33W Row 44
Gulla, Dennis J.Warren, MIPFCHotel3 February 1969Panel 33W Row 48
Quinn, Anthony L.Gardena, CAPFCHotel4 February 1969Panel 33W Row 58
Coleman, DanielRockford, ILPFCGolf24 February 1969Panel 31W Row 33
Smith, James E.Canton, MSPFCEcho25 February 1969Panel 31W Row 59
Bastyr, Douglas B.Chatsworth, CALCplHotel25 February 1969Panel 31W Row 43
Griffin, Louis F.Oxnard, CAPFCHotel25 February 1969Panel 31W Row 42
Prater, Calvin R.Kerman, CAPFCHotel25 February 1969Panel 31W Row 55
Southern, Edward C.Newton, KSPFCH&S26 February 1969Panel 31W Row 7
Curci, Anthony BoyRiverside, CALCplH & S2 March 1969Panel 30W Row 11
Evangelista, Frank PaulFlushing, NYLCplH & S2 March 1969Panel 30W Row 13
Ganzy, Clyde W.Jacksonville, FLPFCGolf2 March 1969Panel 30W Row 12
Guillen, David LawrenceGardina, CAPFCH & S2 March 1969Panel 30W Row 13
Menard, DouglasDenver, COHNHotel2 March 1969Panel 30W Row 14
Burks, James C.Raymond, MSLCplHotel3 March 1969Panel 30W Row 22
Leahy, Richard J.Albany, NYLCplH&S6 March 1969Panel 30W Row 56
Prange, Thomas C.Kalamazoo, MIPFCHotel12 March 1969Panel 29W Row 22
Roberts, John E.Friendly, WVPFCEcho15 March 1969Panel 29W Row 48
Tharp, Terry EdwardCleveland, MSHM3Echo15 March 1969Panel 29W Row 49
Pugh, David J.Charlestown, MALCplGolf15 March 1969Panel 29W Row 48
Morina, Anthony J.Havenstraw, NYPFCGolf15 March 1969Panel 29W Row 46
Brantner, WayneAltoona, GALCplHotel16 March 1969Panel 29W Row 51
Bolton, Willie E.Richton, MSLCplFoxtrot20 March 1969Panel 29W Row 95
Homer, Ward E.Oil City, PASgtFoxtrot20 March 1969Panel 29W Row 78
Sandvig, David J.Tacoma, WALCplFoxtrot20 March 1969Panel 29W Row 92
Blosky, Gene O.Los Angeles, CAGSgtH&S25 March 1969Panel 28W Row 39
Jennings, Bobby D.Granite City, ILPFCHotel25 March 1969Panel 28W Row 37
Washington, Maurice JoelChicago, ILPFCEcho26 March 1969Panel 28W Row 54
Jones, RonaldWashington, DCPFCHotel27 March 1969Panel 28W Row 62
Warner, Thomas RichardHillsville, VAPFCFoxtrot6 April 1969Panel 27W Row 27
Boryszewski, StephenBuffalo, NYLCplHotel10 April 1969Panel 27W Row 47
Agri, Joseph J.South Boston, MALCplEcho19 April 1969Panel 26W Row 5
Bryant, Charlie P.Detroit, MILCplHotel20 April 1969Panel 26W Row 13
Parker, George J.Rochester, NYSgtHotel20 April 1969Panel 26W Row 15
Kitchen, David LeeWamego, KSLCplGolf25 April 1969Panel 26W Row 47
Quinn, John F.El Paso, TXPFCHotel26 April 1969Panel 26W Row 56
Walker, Richard H.Sparks, NVPFCHotel26 April 1969Panel 267W Row 58
Rodriguez, FranciscoSan Antonio, TXCplEcho29 April 1969Panel 26W Row 79
Rankin, Andrew B.St. Peter, MOLCplEcho29 April 1969Panel 26W Row 79
Ingram, LafeCrum, WVPFCGolf5 May 1969Panel 25W Row 6
Jones, Anthony B.Miami, FLPFCGolf5 May 1969Panel 25W Row 6
Ramsey, Henry C.Waco, TXPFCGolf5 May 1969Panel 25W Row 7
Hoch, Larry D.Topton, PALCplGolf6 May 1969Panel 25W Row 12
Knoppert, AndrewSalt Lake City, UTLCplFoxtrot8 May 1969Panel 25W Row 23
Simmons, Harold R.Gloversville, NYPFCHotel11 May 1969Panel 25W Row 55
O’Reilly, Timothy B.Chicago, ILPFCH&S12 May 1969Panel 25W Row 80
Thompson, Albert C.Columbia, SCPFCFoxtrot13 May 1969Panel 25W Row 112
McKnight, JosephSt. Paul, MNPFCH&S25 May 1969Panel 25W Row 79
Forbes, Arthur K.Chicago, ILLCplFoxtrot20 May 1969Panel 24W Row 59
Dycus, Ricky D.Long Beach, CACplGolf2 June 1969Panel 23W Row 43
Mennone, Michael G.New Haven, CTPFCGolf27 June 1969Panel 21W Row 24
Walker, Clovis B.Martinsville, VACplHotel30 June 1969Panel 21W Row 40
Rogers, WillisChicago, ILPFCGolf3 July 1969Panel 21W Row 56
Nunez, Santos S.Fort Sam Houston, TXPFCGolf3 July 1969Panel 21W Row 55
Griffin, Robert A.San Antonio, TXPFCGolf4 July 1969Panel 21W Row 60
Bagley, DennisNewark, NJCplHotel6 July 1969Panel 21W Row 68
Scott, PatrickDecatur, TXLCplHotel6 July 1969Panel 21W Row 71
Short, William M.St. Paris, OHPFCHotel6 July 1969Panel 21W Row 72
Diakow, RobertNew York City, NYPFCEcho9 July 1969Panel 21W Row 88
Porter, Steven L.Houlton, MEPFCEcho9 July 1969Panel 21W Row 90
Basile, Patrick LynnFontana, CASGTH&S11 July 1969Panel 21W Row 98
Bragg, Paul J.Omaha, NELCplH&S15 July 1969Panel 21W Row 123
Carter, TimothyEly, NVLCplFoxtrot15 July 1969Panel 21W Row 122
Lackner, MichaelDeer Park, NYPFCFoxtrot15 July 1969Panel 21W Row 125
Crutcher, Terry L.Bloomington, ILHNGolf24 July 1969Panel 21W Row 6
Belden, Larry G.Esbon, KSPFCHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 46
Clifford, George H.Grand Rapids, MICplHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 48
McClain, Fred J.Jacksonville, FLCplHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 51
Nielson, MichaelBeliot, WILCplHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 51
Fletcher, Donald E.Mt. Airy, NCPFCHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 52
Rodriguez, ReynaldoSnyder, TXPFCHotel26 July 1969Panel 20W Row 51
Gasser, James E.Detroit, MIPFCHotel30 July 1969Panel 20W Row 75
Mediate, Alan W.Riverside, CTPFCEcho12 August 1969Panel 19W Row 8
Spenelli, Dennis ArthurDetroit, MIHNEcho6 September 1969Panel 18W Row 51
Goodine, David R.Sacramento, CAPFCFoxtrot16 October 1969Panel 17W Row 84
Atkins, JamesWichita, KSLCplFoxtrot21 October 1969Panel 17W Row 39
Owens, Robert E.East St. Louis, ILPFCHotel10 November 1969Panel 16W Row 53
Fowler, John K.Garden City, MIPFCHotel11 November 1969Panel 16W Row 57
Zutter, Daniel E.St. Cloud, MNCplFoxtrot6 December 1969Panel 15W Row 34
Weir, DavidBristol, RIPFCH&S10 December 1969Panel 15W Row 46
Finley, Nick A.Jackson, TNLCplFoxtrot16 December 1969Panel 15W Row 63
Soltys, Michael ThaddeusBaltimore, MDLCplFoxtrot17 December 1969Panel 15W Row 67
Butler, Gerald E.Centerline, MIPFCFoxtrot20 December 1969Panel 15W Row 72
Shuey, Glenn C.Omaha, NECplFoxtrot20 December 1969Panel 15W Row 74
Stevenson, William M.Wheeling, WVCplFoxtrot20 December 1969Panel 15W Row 75
Young, Douglas W.West Hartford, CTLCplFoxtrot20 December 1969Panel 15W Row 75
Gage, John T.McCook, NESSgtFoxtrot16 December 1969Panel 15W Row 63
McCaslin, Raymond LouisBoise, IDSSgtHotel26 December 1969Panel 15W Row 96

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Markey, ChristopherBirmingham, MI2ndLtHotel6 January 1970Panel 14W Row 5
Ruckle, ClintonWichita, KSPFCGolf6 January 1970Panel 14W Row 6
Justice, Edward A.Cincinnati, OHLCplHotel8 January 1970Panel 14W Row 13
Schrader, FranklinNewton, IALCplGolf19 January 1970Panel 14W Row 47
Beattie, Erick W.New York City, NYLCplFoxtrot27 January 1970Panel 14W Row 70
Watson, Joe N.Oakland, TNPvtFoxtrot14 February 1970Panel 13W Row 13
Ladner, Jay W.Jupiter, FLLCplGolf7 March 1970Panel 13W Row 93
Pierce, Donald J.Aliquippa, PACplGolf18 March 1970Panel 12W Row 18
Adams, Frank H.Nashville, TNCaptGolf23 March 1970Panel 12W Row 34
Thomas JR., William HenrySenoia, GALCplH&S25 March 1970Panel 12W Row 44
Brown, William A.Hudson, NYLCplEcho29 March 1970Panel 12W Row 57
Lundell, Jackie LinnNorwalk, OHLCplEcho30 March 1970Panel 12W Row 61
Swartz, James A.Elliottsburg, PALCplGolf2 April 1970Panel 12W Row 85
Soto, IsmaelNew York City, NYLCplFoxtrot6 April 1970Panel 12W Row 100
Fraley, CharlesMilledgeville, GAPFCEcho8 April 1970Panel 12W Row 107
Smith, William H.Greenville, SCLCplFoxtrot9 April 1970Panel 12W Row 115

Medal of Honor

De La Garza, Emilio A.East Chicago, INLCplEcho11 April 1970Panel 12W Row 121

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Richards, Daniel P.Syracuse, NYLCplHotel12 April 1970Panel 12W Row 128
Webb, WilsonL.Charlotte, NCPvtHotel29 April 1970Panel 11W Row 71
Carter, ShelbyDry Prong, LACplGolf8 May 1970Panel 11W Row 130
Jesse, Clifford EarlSaginaw, MILCplGolf8 May 1970Panel 11W Row 132
Beaver, Robert L.Ashtabula, OHLCplEcho22 May 1970Panel 10W Row 78
Hill Jr., AlanSikeston, MOPFCFox26 May 1970Panel 10W Row 103
Dunbar, Robert S.Outlook, WACplHotel31 May 1970Panel 10W Row 124
Fleischmann, Dale F.Huntington Beach, CALCplHotel6 June 1970Panel 9W Row 20
Sharpless, John P.Macon, GAPFCHotel28 June 1970Panel 9W Row 100
Morrison, Randy StantonOklahoma City, OKHM2Golf1 July 1970Panel 9W Row 108
Marsh, Ernest, Jr.Baltinore, MDLCplEcho8 July 1970Panel 9W Row 133
Clark, Dennis E.Tupelo, MSLCplHotel15 July 1970Panel 8W Row 19
Scott, Johnny FredAmericus, GALCplH&S, 11MT21 July 1970Panel 8W Row 39
Prchlik, William CharlesKnox, INHM2Golf6 August 1970Panel 8W Row 89
Samuelson, Ronald EarlWymore, NEPfcGolf6 August 1970Panel 8W Row 89
McNulty, William F.Green Island, NYHM3Golf9 August 1970Panel 8W Row 98
Miller, Jeffery AllenAkron, NYLCplHotel22 August 1970Panel 8W Row 131
Ball, James MarvinBurbank, CASSgtHotel16 September 1970Panel 7W Row 67
Herring, Alfred J.Mullins, SCLCplHotel20 September 1970Panel 7W Row 78
Montoya, Joe H.Santa Fe. NM1stLtHotel20 September 1970Panel 7W Row 78
Ingle, Nathan LamarChattanooga. TNHM3FOX23 October 1970Panel 6W Row 17
Straub, John EdwinWilkes-Barre, PACplEcho28 October 1970Panel 6W Row 26
Leftwich, William G.Germantown, TNLtColBN CO18 November 1970Panel 6W Row 684
Vega, FranciscoNew York, NYLCplEcho2 December 1970Panel 6W Row 104
Hancock, Jerry EdwardQulin, MOLCplHotel27 December 1970Panel 5W Row 12

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Strachner, William EllisSterrett, ALLCplFox11 January 1971Panel 5W Row 41
Pierce, WilliamAzusa, CALCplGolf13 February 1971Panel 5W Row 101
Barton, David AllenMontgomery, ALPfcFox25 February 1971Panel 4W Row 04
Wagner, Kenneth JamesSt. Paul, MNLCplGolf4 March 1971Panel 4W Row 23
Wade, MichaelChicago, ILLCplGolf30 March 1971Panel 4W Row 95
Stewart, RichardGary, INPvtGolf29 April 1971Panel 3W Row 19

NameHomeRankCompanyDate KIAPanel On Wall
Tebault, Benjamin L.Portland, ORCaptH&S4 June 1972Panel 1W Row 35

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The brave Marines listed under the date of 4 March 1966 were the former Hotel Company, 2/1 of 1965. They shipped out of Pendelton and fought with 2/1 on Operation Harvest Moon. In February, 1966, the entire company was sent to 2/7 where, with one swipe of a pen, they were re-designated Foxtrot 2/7. Less than one month later, these men gave what Abrham Lincoln described as the "last, full measure of devotion." In the hearts of 2/1, these men will live forever. And so will they also live on 2/1's memorial as well as 2/7's web site.

(Many thanks to Sgt. Manuel Mateo, Jr. for bringing this to our attention.)