Dedication By Dave Beakey
On 1/15/69, we had a 5 hour fire fight.  I lost 3 good friends that day.  One of them was...
We met over there, in a land 10,000 miles from Braintree.
We were young warriors, Marines with clear eyes and brave hearts.
In rivers and in mud, chest high. In rice paddies, as the rain pounded as hard as our hearts.
We never ran away from our fear, much as many of us wished
we could.
You were different though.
You, broad shouldered from lifting weights and playing hockey. Me, rail thin and boyishly awkward.
Together, we fought terryfying battles.  In the mountains, from foxholes quickly dug, while the rounds decended upon us.
Your leadership and crisp orders gave
us hope and guidance.

We thought you were invincible.
Were you born brave?
Didn't you dread the withering fire?
Than, one day, in that terrible area we called "The Riviera"' you fell.
It happened as you were leading your men, as usual;

Standing, firing, while some hugged the ground with sweat-drenched
bodies. Our noble enemy always targeted the leaders, the most courageous fighters.
For your bravery, your country bestowed
the Silver Star upon you.

But, this monument stands as a symbol of our respect.
You are a true hero, Gerry.

You will never be forgotten.

And we know that you don't sleep here;

But instead continue to stand watch, so that we may rest, safe and secure.
Semper Fidelis!

Your brother in arms,

David Beakey

2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Echo Company