In Memory of:
Clifton M. Walter
2nd Bn 1st Marines - Golf Company 1966

Dedication by: Jeff Robinson
PFC Clifton Martin Walter, USMC - Company G, 2nd Bn, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
KIA, August 23rd, 1966 - DaNang, Quang Nam Province - Republic of South Vietnam
May His Valor Not Be Forgotten
Clifton was the city bowling champ for his age group before enlisting, and was always a good pal and baseball pitcher to us when we came to visit him. He was KIA just a couple weeks before his 21st birthday.

Would like to hear from any of his fellow Marines who served with and knew Clifton.

When I attended his funeral in 1966, he looked like he was just sleeping there, its been a hard memory ever since, but also been the reason I help to build the ships that carry Marines into battle.

May his valor and all our boys never be forgotten.

Jeff Robinson

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